Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Momma Trauma

Well, today's been a day. Not for me, really, any sort of day. But for others, yeah. Started the day going to help a colleague whose car had died in Auburn. And at the same time, getting word that the m-i-l was asking Lori to call the cops (second time in two days) because now the m-i-l's landlord was putting her stuff out of the house. (As we heard it, out in the yard, computers in mud puddles, etc. In reality, on a covered porch. Had locked her out the night before. As it were, told Lori she should have thanked the woman for helping with the packing by moving everything out of the house.) Anyhow, Rachel and Taco Bell got dropped off here and Rachel and I sat at the table in my cube and had lunch and then she accompanied me to a 90 minute meeting. She did very well for more than an hour of it. I am so proud of her. Lori, meanwhile, was helping pack and move stuff to the Senior Center where it was going to be stored with the hope/belief that tomorrow she'd be able to move into a senior apartment she'd applied for. (Update: She did, moves in after work.) Biggest upside, Lori and her two brothers are communicating like crazy, being brought really close together in all this. Downside, Lori is walking around saying she's going to develop ulcers. Upside, we now have independent third-party proof that there is something wrong with m-i-l and Lori is now steeling herself to have a conversation to recommend counseling and possibly seeing a doctor for diagnosis/prescription. But, we know also that the landlord was a whackjob herself. And giving a serious black eye to Christians.

So... yeah... ummmm... yeah... TPS reports. The end.
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