Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friend of Dave's

Ok, I'm now a friend of Dave's. Apparently he's pretty famous, even my parents already knew him.Well, probably not him personally.  Charged with figuring out what I wanted for dinner in a town I was no longer all that familiar with, I went to Google Maps and asked for restaurants.  Immediately, I spotted this one, having walked by one in another town and been tantalized by the smell.  So I chose my food, placed the To Go order, drove to that town, picked it up, and wow, amazing food.  Beef Brisket, Potato Salad, Beans and Cornbread(!) Muffins.  We have left-overs that I really wish I could eat now, but that might be a little silly.  (I was wrong about the meatloaf, it wasn't for tonight, some kind of miscommunication mostly on my part - upshot - we will have meatloaf on Monday.)  Also, earthquake cake with some kind of ice cream called "overload."   The cake, especially eating it at my parent's house, took me back.
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