Monday, September 19, 2011

The Sift 251-255

The Sift 251: Dropbox
  • Dropbox Accidentally Unlocked All Accounts for 4 Hours
  • Free Up Disk Space by Deleting Files in the Hidden Dropbox Cache Folder
  • URL Droplet Downloads Files from a Web Address Straight to Your Dropbox
  • FileStork Lets Your Friends Share Files Directly to Your Dropbox

The Sift 252: Entertainment, Technology, Fun and Games
  • Losing the HP Way
  • Star Wars Operation lets you get to the bottom of the R2-D2 booster rocket debate
  • How Lego makes its bricks
  • Zynga's Pioneer Trail is like The Oregon Trail without the typhoid
  • Can Google+ Challenge Facebook for Social Gaming Dominance?

The Sift 253: Social Media, Social Good and Charity
  • NYPD Creates Unit To Track Criminals Via Social Media
  • Twitter Adds an Activity Stream
  • Facebook Study: Bad Students Chat, Good Ones RSVP
  • Englishman Arrested for Planning Water Gun Fight on Facebook & BBM
  • QR Codes on Oxfam Clothes Reveal Celebrities Who Donated Them

The Sift 254: Space
  • NASA Researchers Say Climate Change on Earth Could Provoke an Alien Invasion
  • Space Vacation: Orbiting Hotel Ready For Guests by 2016
  • Space Elevator conference gets theoretical, says lift won't not happen in 150 years
  • Virgin Galactic, XCOR land suborbital contracts with NASA
  • NASA’s Juno Spaceship to Jupiter Will Make the Most Distant Use of Solar Power Ever

The Sift 255: Uncluttering, Organization and Productivity
  • The Keystone Demise
  • Deodorize a Room with a Bowl of Vinegar
  • Run Your Garbage Disposal Before the Dishwasher for Cleaner Dishes
  • Including instructions for handling your online identity in your 'In case of...' file
  • Store Knives Upside Down in a Knife Block to Avoid Dulling the Blades

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