Friday, September 02, 2011

The Sift 231-235

The Sift 231: WOW Videos
  • Flottille unfolding origami is anti-nanotechnology, pro-chilaxing
  • Mechanized Logging on I-5 - looks like fun
  • iPod Magic - Deceptions
  • Massive Jump
  • Manhattan Timelapse

The Sift 232: Social Media
  • Facebook Updates Your News Feed: Introducing Topic Groups
  • London Riots: Social Media Mobilizes Riot Cleanup
  • Federal Judge: Students’ Raunchy Facebook Photos Are Protected by First Amendment
  • Facebook, RIM To Meet With UK Government Over Proposed Social Media Ban
  • Hacker Group Anonymous Aims To Destroy Facebook on Nov. 5

The Sift 233: Space
  • NASA Successfully Tests Autonomous Lander
  • How the Private Space Race Has Taken Off
  • Italian Scientist Proposes Craft to Clean Up Space Junk
  • NASA's solar-powered Juno mission heads to Jupiter, Orbiter finds water on Mars?
  • Space Shuttle Time-Lapse

The Sift 234: Google (The Motorola Edition)
  • Why the Google-Motorola Deal Is About More Than Mobile Phones
  • Editorial: Engadget on Google's Motorola Mobility acquisition
  • Supercharging Android: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility
  • Google acquiring Motorola Mobility
  • Nokia & RIM Shares Jump Following Google’s Motorola Mobility Acquisition

The Sift 235: Advertising, Marketing, News and Media
  • Are your customers walking around town with your billboard on their arm?
  • AOL’s Ad Revenue Grows for the First Time Since 2008
  • 64% of Small Businesses Think Social Media Is Unnecessary - 64% of clueless and destined to a short life
  • Bundle Products Together for a Quick Sale
  • Google: Click-Through Rates Fell in 2010

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