Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Running out of steam

At day 42, I'm 14% done... a long ways to go.  As far as the running goal itself, I'm nearly 17% done - slightly ahead of schedule, but oh, how quickly that can fall again. So, currently, 416.6 miles to go - 83.4 miles in at a point where I need to be at least 70 in.  The problem is, that this is not necessarily feeling like a hobby or even something I necessarily enjoy.  I do, but I'm now greeted with pain several times a day.  I do enjoy the time to think or to just let my mind wander (I am still listening to music) but we're getting into the rainy season where it gets dark before I start out and I find myself having to run further and further away to find some place interesting that I'm not tired of.  With each run clocking in at 45-60 minutes plus shower, something's giving and I suspect it's time reading books.

I might have to take a break after this and maybe work on pushups and situps or something.  Maybe also a good reading challenge for myself.
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