Friday, September 30, 2011

For Tomorrow We Dine

on cake.

I spent forever on this and it's ok.  It's not great.  I think next year I should just donate plasma and then pay Lori to make her own cake.  She makes awesome cakes and then for her own birthday, she gets this.

The shiny part between "Birthday" and "Lori" should disappear - it's where I did some patching with warmed frosting.  I used a tool as a guide for the letters, but I pressed too hard and it pressed into the cake.  Though, sadly, to look at the letters, you might wonder if I really did use a guide.  But this was my first time piping small letters and one of my only times smoothing frosting, so I guess it's not all bad.  I know the cake is good, I used Lori's cake-smoother-majiggy.  It's a taught wire connected to two legs with rubber tips.  There's a handle and you hold the thing in place while you move the cake around underneath it on parchment paper and it slices off the top of the cake so that you get a flatter cake.  Which we ate with frosting.  Frosting Lori made herself.

I probably spent almost 2 hours on it.  And this is why I don't like trying new stuff because I'm a perfectionist and this isn't perfect.  But it's still a labor of love and did I mention it's going to taste great?

Happy Birthday, babe.  I love you.
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