Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Sift 246-250

The Sift 246: Food, Health, Exercise and Medicine
  • Enjoy Fresh Salads All Week with a Vacuum Sealer and Mason Jars
  • Health Graph API Enters Public Beta -- now open to ALL developers!
  • Glucose sensor skin implant glows when blood sugar spikes
  • Warming Up Before Exercise May Hone the Mind, but Not the Body
  • "I'm under a lot of pressure..."

The Sift 247: Google
  • Scholarships for aspiring journalists from Google, the AP and ONA
  • Street View goes to the Amazon
  • Google Chrome Adds Support for Native Client Apps
  • Teaching computers to "see" an image
  • Audio Pronunciation in Google Search

The Sift 248: Infographics
  • Buyer Beware: BBB Highlights Top 10 Online Scams
  • Computer Vision Syndrome: Do Your Eyes Have It? Here’s Help
  • The Rise of the Mobile Workforce
  • 5 Years of YouTube Politics
  • How Are People Using Twitter?

The Sift 249: Microsoft
  • Review: Microsoft Touchmouse Feels Just Right
  • Download Windows7 ISOs to Reinstall Without Restoring Your System
  • Apple, Microsoft meet with Turkish minister, may bid to supply 15 million tablets to schools
  • Windows 8 App Store officially announced, we're all shocked
  • Microsoft patent application points to fast-booting streaming OS

The Sift 250: Music
  • Etsy’s Unofficial Music Scene Takes Off
  • Google’s Musical Doodle Lives On -- On Its Own Web Page
  • Band Plans To Give Fans Free Music Via Bluetooth During Concert
  • SiriusXM To Get Pandora-Like Upgrade
  • YouTube Relaunches Music Page With Deeper Curation

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