Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Sift 236-240

The Sift 236: Amazon
  • Amazon rolls out textbook rentals for Kindle, promises discounts up to 80 percent
  • Amazon snatches up Kindle related domains, Kindle Air rumors start circulating
  • Kindle Cloud Reader Brings Ebooks to Your Browser, Offline Reading Included
  • Amazon CEO Bezos' $10 million gift to Seattle Museum
  • Amazon Web Services' GovCloud puts federal data behind remote lock and key

The Sift 237: Apple
  • Are WiTricity and Apple In Cahoots to Wirelessly Charge Everything Using Your Computer?
  • Apple faces infringement lawsuit over fast booting patent once owned by LG
  • Detailed Renderings Revealed: Apple’s Flying Saucer HQ
  • iPhone 5 To Arrive in Early October, Says AT&T Exec
  • Apple Cracks Down on Knockoffs in New York

The Sift 238: Art, Architecture, Design, Fashion and Style
  • Move Over, Sistine? 15 Stunning Modern Ceiling Designs
  • Microcosmic Art: Famous Paintings from Tiny Drawings
  • 6 Ways Kate Middleton Could Use Her Popularity to Boost British Ethical Fashion
  • Surrey Crowdsources Inspiration For New $30 Million Green Library on Facebook
  • Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture

The Sift 239: Cars
  • Fisker Launching Crossover, Convertible, and Miniature Versions of Its Karma Sedan
  • Scaled Composites’ BiPod Flying Car Is The Chevy Volt of the Skies
  • Waze Accelerates Passes 5 Million Drivers in the Community!
  • Connected Cars: Why Your Next Vehicle Will Do More Than Just Drive
  • Goodyear's self-inflating tires could improve gas mileage

The Sift 240: Sales, Commerce and Customer Service
  • Starbucks Fans Compete To Bring Pumpkin Spice Lattes to Their Cities First
  • 4 Top Customer Service Tips For Small Business
  • The Fastest Way to Lose Customers
  • FastCustomer Skips Waiting on Hold, Connects You to a Real Person in One Tap
  • Superhero customer service: Save a customer’s day

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