Saturday, September 18, 2010

Odds and Ends 51


WSDOT -- Countdown to construction: major changes for SR 520


ENGADGET -- Australian researchers trap tiny particles in tiny tractor beam


MASHABLE -- E-mail to Barack Obama Gets UK Teen Banned from U.S.


GOOGLE CHROME BLOG -- Tip: Just the text, please! I love you, Google Chrome. (No "you autocomplete me" jokes.)


ART ON THE FENCE -- A Summer Exhibit - this was cool, though I missed it. The kind of cool stuff you get in a real city. *sigh* Anyhow, a construction fence became a summer crowd-sourced art exhibit in Ballard (Seattle).


WASHINGTON STATE HIGHWAYS -- Washington State Route 107


BOSTON.COM -- Russia, a century ago - in color - so cool.


SETH GODIN -- The power of buttons and being normal - Taxi drivers resisted adding credit card readers. But those that have added them have seen their tips skyrocket. How come?

-9-10- Videos after the break... New tricks for the helicopters that will eventually form the backbone of skynet, what would have happened if a computer company had followed its original plan of tying other people's devices together instead of just getting tired of waiting for good products and decided to create them all themselves?


Covered these little guys before in number 35 (#10) and number 30. Now imagine the buzzing they make en masse once they figure out how to self-replicate and start roaming the earth eliminating human life. But for now, the latest from UPenn's little future Skynet quadrocopters: the ability to calculate trajectories on moving objects and the ability to go from a starting point of "thrown"

-10- VIDEO

And then they decided to just do it all themselves. Amazing to look back...

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