Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Thing a Day 20

Day 20 - Old Phone, Meet New Phone
From 1998-2001 and 2006-2010, I carried a Blackberry for work and a personal cell phone.  The Blackberry had come a long way in that time, but then one day a small computer company bolted a phone onto its music player and the writing was on the wall.  Our company is not on the cutting-edge. (We're still on Windows XP... we just got SP3 last week!)

But they switched off T-Mobile and we'd all need to select new phones.  Did I want another Blackberry or an iPhone?

I actually agonized a little bit about the choice.  Having used an iPod Touch for a few months, I knew the on-screen keyboard was a pain.  (I still struggle with it, I'm not nearly as proficient with it as I am with a Blackberry keyboard.)  But in the end, it was really a no-brainer.

And as soon as I had my iPhone, it was pretty obvious... it was silly to carry two phones.  I could give up my phone and sign-up for a small payroll deduction.  Because we had a family plan, it was probably about the same, but not having to carry two devices was nice.  (I still carry a separate iPod, that's a little harder to give up.  At one time, this also played iTunes, but for some reason it eventually just stopped - would just skip skip skip without actually play any songs.)

Of course, I can't figure out the master code, so I could do a master reset - I had to delete all the phone numbers by hand and anything else I could find.  Only thing left are some extra ring tones.

I'll drop this phone in an interoffice envelope tomorrow and it'll wing itself across the campus to someone who will take it send it off to a charity that refurbishes or sells the phone for the purposes of making free phones or free phone cards available to soldiers serving overseas.
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