Friday, September 17, 2010

A Thing a Day 22

Day 22 - Day's Grown Dark for this Lamp
I'm glad I didn't call this "A Thing Every Day" when I started.  :)

You probably recognize this lamp.  Back in college, everyone had at least one of these lamps.  Over the years, I've owned a number of these.  In the early days, these 300 or 500w halogen fixtures caused all kinds of fires.  Over time, they added protective covers on top and tip sensors on the bottom.  But they managed to keep the price at $15.  Was a great deal.

These were truly disposable appliances.  It seemed like the first thing to go was the dimmer switch.  Easy enough, you would just twist it open, cut the power into and out of the switch and with a few wire nuts and an external dimmer switch, voila, good as new.

But then eventually, it would die for real.   Again, easy, untwist all the pieces, cut all the power cords, fits very compactly in the trash and you go out and buy a few more from Fred Meyer or Home Depot.

So, this is one that did finally die and then sat in the corner for months.  But now it's finally gone.
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