Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Odds and Ends 50


CROSS CUT -- Space Needle: Tower of Power - In my opinion, a must-read for anyone who lives here.


DELIVERABILITY -- Deliverability by engagement – a class action lawsuit waiting to happen? - That is, is it right for Google or Hotmail to classify and sort our emails for us? Interesting take from the other side.


WSDOT -- WSDOT releases request for proposals to build SR 99 bored tunnel alternative - such a shame, such a waste, such a bad, shortsighted inflexible idea


THE HIGH CALLING -- Originality


FAIL BLOG -- Key Ingredient Fail - Hmmm... Maybe Hardee's has a leg up on the competition?


MSNBC -- 20,000 Iraq war victims unidentified at morgue


ENGADGET -- Sony's LocationPorter real-time video transmission system goes multichannel = no more news van?


INHABIT -- Fast-Charging Electric Buses Coming to Southern California - Foothill Transit's replacing all its buses with new ones that recharge in 10 minutes. Dang!


WASHINGTON STATE HIGHWAYS -- Washington State Route 108


WASHINGTON STATE HIGHWAYS -- Washington State Route 109
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