Thursday, July 22, 2010

Odds and Ends 35


I, CRINGELY -- So Steve Jobs walks into a bar….. - Robert says that Apple's going to recalibrate the calculation for bars representing signal strength, and they'll be lower and Apple will turn around and blame AT&T. (And I add.. and use that as a reason to put the iPhone on Verizon Wireless by Christmas?)


ENGADGET -- Renault DeZir recharges while you stare, not while you wait -- ooh, pretty


SETH GODIN -- Do you have the right to be heard?


SEATTLE SCAPE -- Creating of a new central waterfront neighborhood


FAIL BLOG -- Product Fail - watch out, God's packing heat


ENGADGET -- Queen Rania of Jordan takes to TwitVid to Promote Her Country


ANDY SERNOVITZ -- You need personality -- "These shirts WERE tested on animals..."

-8-10- Videos after the break...

Testing a new lunar lander, an Eigenharp Alpha unboxing, more from the awesome/scary quadrocopters...


Automated Lunar Lander testing. Uses one single rocket engine which it nimbly adjusts to keep it on target and bring it to the ground slowly.


Eigenharp Alpha unboxing. I wish I could buy one of these to give to Patrick. I bet he would just rock on it.

-10- VIDEO

When we last saw these quadrotors (see #10), they were performing some amazing stunts. These will definitely be taking part in the robot uprising as this new video shows an added gripper claw and the ability to work in concert to lift heavy loads. The buzzing noise is also nice and ominous.

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