Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I haven't done a "A Thing a Day" in awhile. I should have tried for a thing a week or something. I will do more. I just haven't had time. After some hard work this weekend, our family room is almost all painted now. Lori did a lot of taping and trim work, not to mention a lot of furniture moving. So how come I've been busy? I don't know. I just did some rolling.

I've also been trying to run/walk more lately. You've seen my RunKeeper stats on Facebook. It's from a very cool free app for the iPhone. I'm also using Lose It!, another free app for the iPhone. I don't like it. It's making me realize that I'm sabotaging myself. On the other hand, if I obey what it tells me, I will start losing weight again.

Speaking of iPhone apps, I've also grown to love Evernote. I installed it long ago on my laptop, just to try it out. I liked that I took a photo with my phone, emailed it to Evernote and it came through with the words in the photo (a business card) captured so you could search for it. Then I never played with it again. I recently installed it on my iPhone and on Lori's iPhone and an old Mac Air that's been sitting in a drawer at work and our home computer. For home use, we might use it to keep our shopping list up-to-date. Lori's not convinced yet. But I can still at least keep my Home Depot and Lori's Gift Ideas lists on there. For work, I take the Mac Air to meetings because it's small and can sit in standby mode for days. Then I can later transfer meeting notes from Evernote to the corporate wiki. I'm thinking about replacing our family wiki with Evernote as well. I had the wiki running on an old machine downstairs, but if I use Evernote, I may not need that computer anymore. Or I'll come up with some other use for it, like doing automated backups or something interesting. Oh... and I hooked up Eye-Fi so that new photos now get dropped into my DropBox. If you know what that means, I think you'll think it's very cool.

Rachel's back in school now and Ben's getting more one-on-one time with Lori. We're hoping that will coax him into speaking more.

Work's been busy. I had some great news on Monday regarding me and some great news today not regarding me, but I can't share either. But both things thrilled me to learn.

We've been running around really busy, rarely getting to bed before midnight, so I've been getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night. But, I'm not complaining. I don't feel overwhelmed or behind or swamped. Have stuff to do, stuff I need to get back to, but I'll get there.

Things are good.
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