Thursday, June 10, 2010

Odds and Ends 30


ENGADGET -- Best Buy advertising higher than regular prices as sales?. Sad.


TV BARN -- Conan in concert: The annotated set list - Summary of one of the Conan O'Brien comedy tour stops, complete with video segments pulled off of YouTube, mostly from Seattle


MSNBC -- No pups for sale? Cities ban pet shops - I've advocated making shelters a less intimidating, this is another good step.


ENGADGET -- Lite-On's Mobile Lamp LED bulb works even when the power is out - LEDs are so tiny that if you're making something the size of a regular lightbulb, you've got a lot of wasted space. One company thinks it should be filled with batteries. Smart.

-5 through 7-

Missing. This was accidentally posted early. Oops.

-8 through 10 (below the break) -

* 8 - Video - Technology in the face of crisis. Cooler than Minority Report.
* 9 - Video - Disney's idea of the future of transportation
* 10 - Video - Amazing helicopter. If Skynet gets ahold of this, we're all doomed.


The Future of Information Interfaces for Emergency Management
This is a cool "what if" look at technology used in the face of a crisis.

More info here.


Disney Magic Highway USA. Amused that the Kingdom survives in this alternate reality where cars rule.

-10- VIDEO

Ok, this is one scary robotic quadrotor (helicopter). I image you will see these fitted with cameras or weapons and used it droves by the military. With or without getting any quieter. (Especially if they make a version that can affix the velcro to the wall on its own. Nailgun?)

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