Saturday, September 25, 2010

Odds and Ends 53


ENGADGET -- NASA's revolutionary launcher dreams could improve mass transit systems, boost astronaut applications


ANDY SERNOVITZ -- Does the payoff justify the risk? Waiters who memorize your order? Bad idea.


COLOUR LOVERS -- The Colors of the The Web - interesting, most website logos (of the top 100 web brands) skew red or blue


SEATTLE TRANSIT BLOG -- Build the Waterfront Up, not Down Brilliant.


SCOBLIZER -- Tech press is full of it. Facebook doesn’t need a device, this is what they need to do in mobile - true


INHABIT -- Former Oil Rig Transformed Into Diving Resort


SETH GODIN -- "I need you to see things my way"

-8-10- Videos after the break... K$sha in space, Middle Earth Vuvuzela and don't diss your board, man.


Star Trik Trok


And my vuvuzela!

-10- VIDEO

In one of our parenting classes, we learned this is called "natural consequences" - when bad behavior leads to a child injuring themselves by acting out in anger. I can't remember what the class said, but I think you're allowed to enjoy the moment but not let the child see you laughing. Which is perfect when it's on video.

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