Friday, September 03, 2010

Odds and Ends 49


CNET -- Mars rover gets smarter with age...and software


GRAND AVE. -- An (overly?-) ambitious project to redo a big section of downtown L.A.


ENGADGET -- LG putting 9.7-inch color, 19-inch flexible e-paper displays into production


COCKEYED -- Open Soon Prank Contest - the contest is over, but the concept is simple and could still be carried out: posting funny "Coming soon" signs on empty storefronts


SETH GODIN -- Moving On - The traditional book publishing model has too many layers between author and audience and Seth's done with it. We'll see what's next.


I, CRINGLEY -- It's a Sony and that's not good.


LIFEHACKER -- Stretching Before Running Doesn't Help (But Don't Stop Right Away)


WSDOT -- Washington keeps title for the “Most Bicycle Friendly State” for the third year in a row


TV BARN -- How ‘The Big C’ looks to people with advanced cancer


FAILBLOG -- Delivery Fail - I dunno... feels more like a "truth in advertising" win to me.
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