Saturday, September 11, 2010


We celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary today. (Yes, some good things have happened in the history of September 11th.) It wasn't a grand affair this year. I had done some research but I didn't have the funding necessary to do what I would have liked to have done. Maybe next year. So mostly just hanging at home today as a family. Which is cool in some regards - someone recently referred to their anniversary as a birthday party for their family. Tonight, however, Corey and Gilda came over and hung out with Rachel and Ben so we could sneak away for dinner at The Melting Pot. Good stuff. I didn't have as much time as I'd hoped to exercise today, but I should come close because I didn't eat a lot the rest of the day. The meal alone tonight exceeded the total calories I was allowed for the day. I'll still be several hundred under for the week, but I'm worried I'll still be up in weight tomorrow.

I am really digging the "Lose It" application for the iPhone. It's been helpful in helping me to realize that I can exercise all I want, but if I'm eating far more than I should, it's all going to be for nothing. It's surprising that this application is free. Using that with RunKeeper, I'm getting better. I guess I should also remind myself that the sooner I lose the weight, the sooner I can relax a little bit. Both programs allow you to connect to your friends and so I've connected both applications to Corey. I'm impressed - I've only lost 2.7 pounds since I started, but Corey has lost 26.

Another iPhone application that rocks is Remember the Milk. This is an awesome free task management website, but you can also get the app. It syncs for free once a day, or with a pro account, it's constantly updating. Ir's really helped me keep my household tasks under control.

And then I'm testing a weird program from Google called Google Scribe. With the Google Chome extension, it's doing predictive text as I type. I think if I were a slower typer, or used a lot of longer words, I might find it more useful. As it is, I type so fast that it doesn't have much of an opportunity for the menu of choices to show up.

It's really late and I'm babbling. I am still finishing my walking.
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