Saturday, March 06, 2010


Trying a new site - -- the idea is that if you want to do well in writing you need to write every day, like three pages, which is about 750 words. So I tried that tonight. Here's the stats.

I don't know if the words are visible, still trying to figure out exactly how it works. But, I copied it out anyhow and here it is:

So here's the thing. I don't want to appear dumb as I ponder how to begin. The last thing I want to do is the whole "look at me" thing as I monologue on and on about monologuing. Is that what I'm doing? Is that even how you spell it? Or would spell it if you were to verbize it? Huh. I guess so. In fact, maybe it is a real word because Firefox didn't have a problem with it, the way it did with verbizing. Oh well. Anyhow, yeah, so, where to begin. Because that's what this is. 99 words (except that "99" is actually word 100) on day one. At the top of the page, it's happy to tell me that I have zero points. Not sure what points are yet, but I don't have any of them. Seems to suggest that I should want some.

We're about to start a movie called "I Love You, Man" Lori's made popcorn. It smells really good, but I'm proud of myself for not having any. I'm trying to lose weight (and have been since 2006). That was the year I lost 27 pounds, stopped (my goal was 30) and then gained 27 or so pounds back. Where I've stayed for... forever.

So far, an R-rated preview. You rarely see that. And I'm bored. And Lori's skipping it. In case you were curious, it was Road Trip Beer Pong. Next, Star Trek. But we've seen it, so we skipped it. And then a dance movie skipped so quickly I couldn't figure out which one it was.

I'm hoping this movie will be good. Since it's got the guy from "How I Met Your Mother" and the chick from "Parks and Recreation" I'm hoping it's good. Because if it sucks, I may be a little less excited for either of those shows, both of which I like. Over 300 words already. That's cool. I wonder when I'll get to the point where I can write without commenting on how many words I've written. Or if I will keep at this. It's not necessarily easy.

I like how sparse this layout is. Just a white screen, a simple cursor and nice big text. Well, it's funny so far. And it's making me miss Los Angeles. The cool Los Angeles where it's dark but the air is warm and humid and the views are spectacular. But that was another place and time. That kind of went away after the kids and stuff. It might be cool to live there again. But I'm not sure it's the kind of magic you could recapture.

Yeah, now it's daylight in the movie. Traffic, clutter, crime. I guess I'll just remember the memories.

Hey, I kinda hit a wall there. Guessing I just got into the movie or something. I guess it's kinda funny, but it's also a bit crude. Not a big fan of stuff so crude. Hey... it's the guy from "Parks and Recreation" - that's funny. I hated him in Scrubs but I like him in "Parks and Recreation."

Today was a good day. I don't feel like I got as much done as I would have liked, but it was still quite the productive day. I had Rachel doing laundry which was cool. Other than loading in the soap, she can do all of it by herself, which is pretty cool. We were looking at the washer and dryer - thought it was kinda funny -- they have play/pause buttons to start/stop them. I also got to go to Home Depot by myself. That doesn't happen enough. We just got our tax refund and some of it's going towards working on our front yard, so I didn't really have to pay attention to what the amount was going to be when I got to the register. That what was pretty cool. That rarely happens. I guess maybe once a year. But yeah, got to buy stuff for the yard. And tomorrow, digging up the front yard, laying down 15-year weed block and dropping in lots of bark. Lori had wanted to rocks, but then she couldn't find any she liked. So, we'll try bark again. But the most important part is we get it done before April when the Homeowner's Association comes around with their little clipboard. I liked it much better when they were making other people clean up their act but they weren't messing with us because ours was fine.

Woo. Done.