Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Odds and Ends 15


"The only thing worse than being exploited by multinational capitalism is not being exploited by multinational capitalism." - Fidel Castro


BBC.CO.UK -- Mapping the Internet - an over-time look at the growth of the internet by country


MSNBC.COM -- Detroit wants to save itself by shrinking - Fascinating - asking the Federal Government to help it buy up and/or condemn property in order to return entire neighborhoods to rural/farmland.


SEATTLE.GOV -- Amazing slideshow - wow, I ran out of time before I ran out of slides.


SCOBLEIZER.COM -- Coming soon: the disruptive molecular age of information - interesting


PROBABLYBADNEWS.COM -- Bad Man is Sorry - would more people read newspapers if they still wrote like this?


KANSASCITY.COM -- Portable People Meters are New Weapon in Radio Ratings War - I recently participated in a phone-based survey of my radio listening habits. It turned out to be only two questions... "I'm taking a survey about radio listening habits. Would you agree to participate?" "Sure" "During your morning commute, would you say you listen to the radio every day, regularly, often, not at all." "Not at all." "Ok, that's all the questions. I have today. Thank you!" - And I think that was a missed opportunity, I was looking forward to telling them that all the good radio stations are gone, DJs blab too much and there are too many ads, which is why I listen to a Saddleback podcast or music on my iPod during my drive.


SEATTLETRANSITBLOG.COM -- Signaling on MLK - a quick explanation of the complicated system designed to allow pedestrians, cars, trains and emergency vehicles to share the road. Cool quick read.


ENGADGET.COM -- Korea starts testing 'recharging road,' might make it part of its public transport system - non-contact magnetic strip on the ground produces power. Battery is much smaller than typical EV battery and with a public transportation scenario, sounds like magnetic strip would only need to be at certain locations like crosswalks and bus stops (so when the vehicle is stopped?) making overall cost of use much cheaper, too.


LIFEHACKER.COM -- Schedule Reply Windows to Minimize Interruptions - interesting idea - they keep their phone off and listen to and return calls three times a day. I do something similar where I turn off my email (in and out) and then crunch what's already in my inbox. I do use the Blackberry to watch for urgent stuff and reply right away with that if needed. And I do sometimes let the phone go to voicemail (since Google Voice will immediately translate it and email it to me). But so much of my time is spent responding to emails and voicemail that I couldn't just decide to only do it three times a day.

-10- VIDEO

Ok, I really feel like I ought to build one of these. Of course, it would also mean an easier way for people to walk off with a lot of tools at once. Lori said the music sounded like it belong in, uh, one of 70's (adult video). I told her, "well, it's practically hardware (adult video)".