Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Odds and Ends 18


"Anxiety is nothing but repeatedly re-experiencing failure in advance. What a waste."
-- Seth Godin


CROSSCUT.COM -- Seattle's last unnamed places - great article on naming Seattle's unnamed. And some suggestions.


LASTPERSONBLOGGING.BLOGSPOT.COM -- Of Cats and Cookies - Lori's a better writer than I. Any inconsistencies between hers and my accounts is due to my faulty memory.


MSNBC.COM -- Animal shelter turned into a ‘house of horrors’ - apparently if you let them die in their kennels, you get to keep your euthanasia rate low. My first impression (reading this the day we put our cat to sleep) was "God, if thinking of murdering someone is the same as actually doing it, please forgive me for killing Tim Trow." But after a few days, I have to ask... why did none of the other people mentioned in the article do anything sooner? (But then... how many Germans went along with Mr. Hitlet? Amazing what lack of judgement humans can display.)


KIRO.COM -- Digital Billboards that Watch You - a small camera in the billboard determines your gender and approximate age and serves up advertising that it thinks will appeal to you. It also tracks your eyes to see how long you actually watch, self-optimizing to be even more relevant to the next person who stops to look at it. No images of you are retained, just general demographics designed to offer even more relevant advertising to people and more specific stats about the types of advertisers who would work best in that particular display. (from Sam)


LIFEHACKER.COM -- Jumping Jacks Increase Productivity at the Office


SETHGODIN.COM -- Maybe you need new friends


Theme song medley. From Christy.


Now that is an elaborate stunt.


Chat Roulette Piano guy. (Some swear words.)

-10- VIDEO

Cat vs. Machine