Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Negative 750

Now I know what happens when it hits midnight. It tells you it can't save and suggests you start over. I cheated. I copied and pasted. Stats


I almost forgot to do my 750 words. I'm sure there will come a day very soon where I will forget. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, soon enough I will forget to write. And I'll be sad, but life will go on.

It snowed today. I thought it was a trip when it was hailing, only to see snow moments later. It was a nice pick-me-up because I was having a dumb morning in which I had forgotten my wallet again. Now... usually this is not a big deal, but today, I didn't realize it until I was at the self-check at Fred Meyer. So I was starting to take the items back out of the bags to put them back on the shelf when the woman asked me what I was doing and said she'd take care of putting them back, which was nice. No sweat, I thought, I can just get Starbucks and that'll be a nice treat for feeling so dumb. Well, that didn't work because, natch, the Starbucks card was in my wallet. Note to self... get another Starbucks card or two to stash in the cars as a backup.

So, back home I went. Fortunately, we had some oatmeal there so I just took that. The other thing I needed, a battery for the garage door remote would have to wait. Lori went back out and picked one up today, but we'll see if I remember tomorrow to grab it before I leave. I probably will, though, since otherwise I won't be able to close the garage. So, it's probably silly to worry about it. Now if I could just stop forgetting my wallet. That would be wise.

So, yeah, it snowed a little bit this morning when I was getting to work, and just before lunch time, it was snowing a lot. That was kinda cool to see. By the time I went walking at lunch, it had really tapered off, though I hear that in other parts of town it was still falling pretty steadily. It seems late for snow, but I'll take it. Cheerful.

Work felt good today. We're doing something new that I had resisted, but I think the benefits are really making themselves evident. I think it's making things easier for the team and it's certainly making my life mounds easier. I'm actually now able to keep up with the workload at the moment and it's a lot less stressful. No more people trying to take advantage of me or going over my head if they don't like what I tell them. Well, almost no one. But with a policy so clearly evident to everyone, people have quickly accepted it with surprising little pushback.

It was nice at home tonight, too. We had breakfast for dinner. Smelled so amazing when I came in. Lori looked really nice, Rachel was happy and cheerful and little Ben was, as always, excited to see his dad. Looks like his cold is lessening. I'm very happy about that. I've got a touch of one myself, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Ben loves being held by me and hates it when I put him down. If I start counting down, he gets excited, as I get closer to one, he starts to look down and a little curl of a smile creeps onto his lips, and then after I say "one" I do a controlled gravity drop of a few feet before setting him gently on the ground standing up. He then immediately falls to sitting, screaming. Sometimes I think he's trying to duplicate the rush, but most of the time now it seems more like a mini-tantrum that his dad isn't holding him anymore.

So I'm trying to work on leading him around by the hand. He's not a big fan of it and doesn't do it very long, but it's something he's going to need. Bogus. It's cut me off because it's midnight. Rip off. I can't believe it. Well, I guess today is the day that I don't get credit. So new day. Happy Birthday, dad! I'm copying and pasting this and I guess this all counts for March 9, then.

At this age, Rachel and I would take trips to the mall and we'd walk around. She'd stay close and hold my hand. Ben won't do that, he'll be off and running. So if I'm going to start doing that with him, he's going to have to be in a stroller. I won't do a leash because the trip is optional. If we *had* to be somewhere and that was the only way to prevent him from being separated from us, I might consider it, but I'm not going to even think about it for an optional trip.

Ok, so I hit 750 words and it just accused me to copying and pasting. Pfffft.