Friday, March 05, 2010

Stealing All My Photographs And Laughing At Them All

8:00 am - great drive in. "Call it Poison" and "Leave the Motor Running" by Escape Club and Sting's "Brand New Day"

8:45 am - Interesting devo - "It is all about you." - the contrast to Purpose Driven's "It's not about you." And yet both work.

9:00 am - Feeling pretty awesome today. No meetings, so a good chance to get more of the backlog cleared out. Created a new station on Pandora and have seeded it with Michael Bublé and Norah Jones. So far it's played Bublé (Haven't Met You Yet), Harry Connick Jr. (It Had to Be You), Nat King Cole (L-O-V-E) and now Sinatra (Come Fly with Me). Pandora rules. If it were warmer, this would be perfect day to take the laptop to a park with the wireless card and work out in nature. I may go to the cafeteria where I can work at one of the counters that face out towards the ponds and wooded areas behind the building.

9:35 am - Music took a turn for the worse. John Mayer. Thumbs down. Ok, Ray Charles (Georgia On My Mind). Much better.

12:44 pm - I really want to go out to eat. Maybe some nice Panera or Jack-n-the-Box (how do you write that? whatever). I have some money from my birthday. But... I have food here. If I eat here, it'll be healthier. And I can walk and watch a TED Talk or read a magazine and get some exercise. And going some place means driving and driving in Federal Way is a real bummer. And I can save the money for something else. Ok. I'm convinced. Staying here is the wise thing to do. If I still in SoCal, I'd probably drive somewhere. Unless I was in Pasadena. Driving in Pasadena is worse than driving in Federal Way. Ok. Stop. Must eat.

12:59 pm - ugh. Ok, I really really need to get to lunch. Good thing is that my inbox is down under 100 total messages. I've made some excellent progress this week. Very encouraging.

3:00 pm - Two people were talking on the floor and the one guy said "You know, you could ask James. He would probably know more about this than me." And she replied "I hate bothering James, he's always working really hard." The first guy didn't appreciate that too much. She did come over and we had a nice chat about what's possible. I do like this open collaborative floorplan.

5:20 pm - Quitting time. Awesome. Going home with only 66 emails left in my inbox. I found myself reading and forwarding 6 month old emails. Yikes. I feel like it's been a productive day.