Thursday, March 04, 2010

Odds and Ends 12


UNCLUTTERER.COM -- Cleaning and the Chinese New Year


SEATTLETRANSITBLOG.COM -- Tacoma looking to expand link


CROSSCUT.COM -- Cascadia, where moral hand-wringing is an Olympic sport - to regionalize or not to regionalize. Though I think Vancouver, BC to San Francisco is too large a region.


MNBC.COM -- JFK tower allowed a child to direct air traffic - it sounds like none of them were in the air at the time. Maybe they should come up with a formal training program to get kids interested in ATC from an early age.


NEWS.COM -- Infected computers should be quarantined by the ISPs, says Microsoft - bravo. I've thought for a long time if an ISP could spot an infected computer and didn't do anything about it that they should be consider complicit. They are in the perfect place to quickly stop a virus outbreak and force more of their customers to engage in safe computing.


SETHGODIN.COM -- The doormat, the jerk and the lizard brain


LIFEHACKER.COM -- It's national procrastination - I feel like we should do something, but I'm kind of busy right now.


WHATDOYOUSUGGEST.COM -- Check out this fun site - type in a word and it tells you the most common next words that people typed in google (so for instance type in "lyrics" and it comes back with ".com, to, mania, search" connected by lines of varying thickness to represent popularity. Click on "to" and you get "songs, bad, tik, party, fireflies, bedrock, empire, replay and whatcha" - if you hit the end of a trail, you get a window on the side that gives you the top Google results. Typing about it here doesn't do it justice compared to how nice it looks visually.


WORDCOUNTER.NET -- Counts your characters and words - a nofrills giant textbox. As you type, it counts characters and words. Kind of cool if you're doing a minimum-word writing assignment and can't get your signup for 750 Words to be accepted.

-10- VIDEO

Very cool. But did they have to call it "Skinput"? Ugh.