Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scanning Entertainment Weekly

Oh, how they pile up. After Lori's done with Entertainment Weekly, she tosses it on my side of the bed. And I move them to a pile on the floor next to my bed. And when I clean up, only a pile on my bookshelf. Staying home sick today, I decided that my side of the bed needed some work. So, I pulled out the stack and leafed through them, mostly to add movies and books to my want to watch/read, but also a few articles were interesting along the way. (I got through 18 magazines with 26 to go.)

Yeah, some of these are about movies that have already come out, but still interesting reads.

10/17/08 - Cheeta (76) from the Tarzan Movies: It's Hard Out There For a Chimp

10/24/08 - First Look: Star Trek - movie that rocked

10/24/08 - Elizabeth Banks: Elizabeth's Golden Moment - good for her

10/24/08 - The Mentalist: Crime Pays

11/07/08 - Mickey Rourke: Mickey Roars - probably haven't seen any of his movies.

11/07/08 - A Better TV Website in Four Easy Steps

04/17/09 - Anna Farris: Do I Look Funny?

04/17/09 - Michael J. Fox: Man at Work

05/22/09 - Breaking Up With Disney - prediction: within a few years, we'll start to see efforts by Disney to offer an post-child "career track" with other fare, either from the studio or in partnership with other studios, complete with planning and everything to help prevent future Lindsey Lohans.

05/29/09 - Eminem: Inside the road to 'Relapse' - I'm a poseur who only owns one or two of his albums which I bought on iTunes

07/10/09 - Harry Potter: This Magic Moment

08/07/09 - Web Obsession: Hello, Kitty!

01/22/10 - NBC's Late Night Disaster

01/22/10 - Avatar: The New Face of Movies

01/22/10 - The Return of Pee Wee