Friday, March 12, 2010


Well, now, that didn't take long at all, did it? I have no excuse. But what's worse, I don't have anything to write about it. I've just woken up. I barely remember my dream. Well, I remember weird bits and pieces.

First, there was a house, new to us. And we had lots of people over. And Rachel and her friends colored on the wood floor with pens. Most of it wiped off with a wet wash cloth, but one of them had gotten hold of a Sharpie.

And there was something about venetian blinds. And something about properly locking all the doors.

And then something about seeing an ad for a house for sale and walking down the street it was supposedly on. It was in Florida and the street was really close to the water, so the houses were right up against the street and right up against the water. I came to a curve in the road and there was a big three or four story house. I was looking at the outside shape, modern. Yellow. Lots of glass. I noticed an ambulance in the front drive and the legs of a body on a stretcher sticking out and thought to myself "Gee, didn't even wait until the body was cold to put the house on the market." Only then I looked more closely and realized it wasn't a house at all, but like a bustling hospital or clinic or something. You could see all kinds of hospitally things throught the windows. Which was weird because the building had lots of windows on all sides (so you could see through it to the water beyond) so it didn't seem very private. But there were no signs on the building and besides the ambulance, only one other car on the small bit of paved area out front. So in that respect it apparently was quite private.

And then I went somewhere and was waiting for an elevator. I had something about the size of a tape measure in each hand. One of them might have been my Blackberry. The other was... unsure... almost like a purple Cheerios container that you think are cool for children until you realize that you can only fill them half full and if you give it to a child they will just spill Cheerios everywhere. Well, that's what it looked like. It was actually far more solid. But this big guy comes up and pulls it out of my hand. I rip it back out of his hand and he gets mad. Then he gets on the elevator and I push my way on, too. Which made him even more mad. The elevator was really, really old. It only had one button. You'd press it and it would advance a floor and then you'd press it again to make it go again. I think the building must have been pretty short because that could get annoying.

Anyhow, it was at that point that I woke up. I remember feeling disappointed because there was still so much of the first house to explore but also because I hadn't figured out where the advertised house for sale was. And because I didn't know what the things in my hand were and who this guy was who had tried to take one of them from me.

Oh well. Back to reality. If there's anything, I guess it's a little more well-known. Exercise, rain, laptop, cat that won't eat. Friday. Big project underway at work that I'm thankfully very disconnected from.

And now I'm back to a loss for words. I'm awake, but my mind is nearly a blank slate. I am hungry. My throat is still scratchy. I am still congested, though at the moment I feel really good. I need to lead devos on Monday. Will I remember to spend a little time at work today preparing for them, or will I last-minute wing it again on Monday? I hate winging it. I feel like I'm wasting people's time when I just read straight from a book. Of course, lots of people do that. Of course, I often am bored by that.

So... today... I'm expecting that today will continue the quiet streak. I don't know how long that will last. Maybe until the end of the big project? Anyhow, I plan to take advantage of that to continue to get caught up. I have almost emptied my inbox but I have lots of handwritten notes that could be entered into the computer for better searching. I think I just need to start taking my computer to meetings to take notes no matter what people say. And this is why I need a tablet PC of some kind so there's no screen there blocking me and making a little wall because I hate that when people do that, it just feels so anti-social.