Saturday, March 06, 2010

Odd and Ends 13


"True Spirituality is you, a human person, filled with God’s Spirit, in partnership with Heaven, now living your ordinary, day-by-day life extraordinarily, influentially." --


LIFEHACKER.COM -- Emerald and Onxy Balcony Office - if you have to an enclose a deck, this is the way to go.


INFOSTHETICS.COM -- The human body as a subway system - interesting


HULU.COM -- Not a fan - click on the tags to see what people are saying. NSFW


ENGADGET.COM -- Microsoft Courier's looking pretty cool


MENTALFLOSS.COM -- 10 Secret Menu Items


CROSSCUT.COM -- Chihuly exhibit: smashing Center open space hopes? - Do we need another Chihuly exhibit? I get it and I agree - he makes beautiful work and he's a northwest treasure. You can go to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma and the adjoining Overpass of Glass to see his work. You can go to PLU and see his reimagined Rose Windows. You can go to the Bellagio and see his work. Do we need to turn a big part of Seattle Center into another museum for him, part of it paid? I'm bummed that they're removing the fun fair. I know that was a paid area, but it was accessible and family friendly. This will not appeal to children.


KANSASCITY.COM -- Lighten up, NBC — at least you have 'Community' and '30 Rock' - Wow... The Office is NBC's best rated show for the coveted 18-49 crowd, and yet it's bested in that category by 8 shows on CBS (or twelve of CBS' shows if you look beyond just that core demo).


SEATTLETRANSITBLOG.COM -- Vehicle License Fee Back from the Dead - after being killed in the state assembly, it's being snuck back into some other bill. That's almost as rich as the "Optional State Parks Fee" that's tacked onto my renewal. It's optional, but the total due includes it. If I don't want to pay it, I'm supposed to remit $5 less than what's listed. How many people will miss that, or be afraid to deduct it? Shady, shady. (Yes, parks are important, but our governor ran the state into the ground and then got elected again for a second term. I think Washington State likes being a miserable second-run despite all its potential. There's no savvy here.)


Heh. Mark Z. calls The Suze Orman Show because he wants advice on whether he should buy a website.

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Funny or Die brings all the Presidents to counsel President Obama