Monday, January 18, 2010

Time to take back my name

Was playing around with a site today that shows you how you are doing, as an internet brand. The biggest caveat is that if you have a popular name, you're sharing your branding with everyone else.

I was happy to see that I, me, the James Lamb that's now typing was the first the James Lamb it found for Facebook, but it completely missed me on Twitter and Blogger because I've been hiding behind TV James.

So, no more of that. Anyone who already knows me knows I'm TV James and knows I'm James Lamb. So, from now on, I'm going to make sure I'm publicly listed as both in places where it seems appropriate. That will take away from the guy in Central California who's trying to find a house but no one wants him living near them, the guy in upper San Francisco who posts about sports all the time (yawn), the dead guy with a similar name who wrote self-help books for training canines, the woman who think I'm her son and keeps sending me stupid forwards in Yahoo and the jerk who works for a TV who keeps giving people my email address - although I think he must have gotten fired or his dumb show canceled or he finally learned his email address - I've gotten photos of women who wanted makeovers (doing all I can not to be mean here about the caliber of women who want makeovers and will send their photos to someone over email).

So, from now on, taking back my brand. James Lamb, me.