Monday, January 18, 2010

Odds and Ends 2


ORPHANROAD.COM - How we might restart the waterfront line


CROSSCUT.COM - Was Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. a Christian? OF course he was, but you'd never know it in Seattle, according to this great piece in Crosscut.


MSNBC.COM - $65 "gangland" tours in L.A.


FIRSTPERSONTETRIS.COM - A challenging twist on the old favorite


CROSSCUT.COM - Seven steps to save Pioneer Square Crosscut is quickly becoming a favorite for me.


NEWSWEEK.COM - Don't Panic - Zakaria's brilliant (but they all are) reminder that terrorism only works if we are terrorized.


OYSTER.COM - Photo Fakeouts - What the hotel website shows, and what the reviewers found when they got there. I wish a few more shots have been from similar angles, and alas, the gallery ends too quickly. (Though you can sign-up to get new ones sent to you by email. Email? Email is dead. Give us an RSS feed, yo.)


ISMCKENZIE.COM - 5 Tips for Effective Delegation - good stuff.


A cat that can't meow:


My favorite Hitler rant yet: (language warning)