Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Take It In With the Morning Light

8:00 am - Got the car up to 97 mpg coasting uphill on the offramp. Sadly, just moments before it was at 5 mpg going from dead stop to sixty freeway uphill.

8:15 am - Toyota's recalling 2.3 million cars and stopping production until they come up with a fix. Something about accelerators potentially sticking, even though there've been no reports of death or injury. On one hand, this could represent a company that is really proactively trying to maintain its reputation of quality and safety. On the other hand, what if it were all a big conspiracy? Stall the production lines and ask everyone to take vacation, training or unpaid leave. Big cost savings there. Create some tiny little part, get 2.3 million people to bring their cars back to the dealers. Look like a hero for your commitment to safety and quality and sell a lot of new cars. The dealers replace the parts but also have a chance to look under the hood, find other problems and score a bunch of repair work out of the deal.

9:30 am - Keep drinking coffee or suck on a cough drop. Quandry.

3:00 pm - If I had known the cafeteria stunk, I wouldn't have agreed to a meeting in here.