Friday, January 22, 2010

All the lonely people - where do they all come from?

8:00 am - Got a Vanilla Starbucks Energy Drink on the way in because it was free. Coffee shouldn't come in cans... it's about as bad as drinking beer in cans or something. As soon as I transplanted it into a proper mug - much better. // Ack... the W2s are coming... already?

9:45 am - I smell bacon.

12:00 pm - A new guy just introduced himself to me today saying he didn't think we'd officially met yet. *sigh* I'm usually pretty bad at getting around to introducing myself, but I made it a point of going and introducing myself like two or three weeks ago to this guy.

12:30 pm - I want to go out to eat, but I'd regret it - both in having to enter it into Quicken and also in tomorrow's weigh-in on the Wii Fit.

5:00 pm - Time to go already. Thank God for a day that went rather smoothly and one I can walk away from feeling like I actually made progress today. It brings a little bit of feeling of guilt, though, because my post-earthquake life is returning closer to normal (now if I could just shake this cold), while the people who actually live there are still a far ways off. Despite it all, there was some good news today... an 89(?)-year-old woman was pulled out of rubble today after 10 days, banks will be reopening and people are opening up small businesses (like a barber shop) in the camps.