Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Odds and Ends 3


MASHABLE.COM -- Former Time-Warner CEO Apologizes for "Worst Deal of the Century" Better late than never.


USTREAM.COM -- Shiba Inu puppies streamed all day long


SEATTLEPI.COM -- Construction begins on the U-Link with closures on Capitol Hill


LIFEHACKER.COM -- 5-minute sorbet in a ziplock back


CRINGELY.COM -- Mobile predictions for 2010 (Most likely only Apple, Google and RIM will remain.)


LIFEHACKER.COM -- Pie for one. Clever.


Bummer. I hadn't realized The Riches had been canceled, though I didn't care as much for parts of the second season.


CNET.COM - Mars rover "Spirit" will no longer roam, but continues to do science experiments 5+ years into its 90-day mission.


Cut out the middle man, this product lets anyone except credit cards. Well, anyone with an iPhone. Have to figure it'll also soon be available for others like Android and Blackberry.


And here's summary to bring you up-to-date on LOST so far. Well, sort of. At least it's only 4-1/2 minutes.