Friday, January 08, 2010

Next phase, new wave, dance craze, anyways

9:15 am - Ack. Just spelled received wrong in an email. Spotted it in that split second after you press send and before it disappears off the screen. So tired today, do not know why. Felt like I slept well last night. But at least one eye is bloodshot and my eyes just feel really heavy, hurt a little even. Lots to do today. Wrote out a bunch of it on a whiteboard for clarity, but unfortunately the board blocks my view of the outdoors. Hiding inside my headphones listening to Pandora.

11 am - My red-tape story of the day... so I've been sitting up in our "collaborative spaces" on the third floor for many months now. It's a big open space with lots of tables, power cords and wires strung on the floor - nothing permanent, no cubes, etc. Areas with names like "Treehouse" and "The Library" and "Alcatraz." I still maintain an office on the second floor -- it's a really nice office -- big huge window, lots of counter space, but mostly I just visit it once every week or two to see if anyone's left anything on the chair or if the voicemail light is lit. I figured this would eventually catch up with me, so I put in a request yesterday with the Campus Services Service Desk (I emailed, I was too lazy to walk down to the Campus Services Service Desk desk) asking that my phone be moved. They replied back saying that was handled by the Helpdesk. They even copied the Helpdesk on the email and asked the Helpdesk to handle. This afternoon one of the guys on my team tells me that the Helpdesk called him after being unable to reach me by phone to say that it's in fact Campus Services Service Desk who handles phones. Apparently in the end, they did figure out it was them because I had an email asking me for my cube number in our collaboration space.

2 pm - The Day Porter saw me getting coffee and asked if I was now on this floor. I'll discount the fact that I've been on this floor for months and give her props for being able to remember which floor I (and I assume I'm not the only one she remembers) work on. This building alone has four floors and several hundred employees. Kudos to her for remembering little details like which floor us bees work on.

3:10 pm - Just spoke to someone in another office in the Oakland area with the most absolutely fabulous British accent, said things like "brilliant" and "darling" and "She's not here right now, I'm just her dreadful boss" and "Are you to do with the internet?" Memo to self: Find reasons to call this office.

5 pm - A successful day. A good day. A cleaning-type day. Desk is cleaned, Eight of the seventeen passwords I have here for work have been changed, the rest will have to wait for Monday. I'm leaving things in a good place. I'm behind in reports and documentation and administrivia, but nothing I have undone is keeping others from getting their work done. But not as cool a day as yesterday.