Friday, January 15, 2010

But don't let it fool ya about what's inside

9:00 am - our devo was in the Haiti conference room today. That's symbolic of nothing.

11:30 am - Rainy windy day. Very cool. Am really swamped, though.

1:20 pm - Elevators should be equipped with a sensor. If someone smelly gets in, it should refuse to close the doors until they get back out.

1:30 pm - Ok, I think I'm going back to the iPhone being the-new-phone-I-wish-could-get-but-costs-more-than-I'm-willing-to-pay. Maybe the Nexus Two will fix things.

2:37 pm - My email is caught up (and I've been looking into the backlog). But I'm also in nine instant messaging conversations.

3:03 pm - TMobile just gave us free long distance to Haiti and free roaming within Haiti for the rest of the month. Bravo, TMobile!

4:11 pm - Hard to believe it's only 4. I feel like it's 7 or 8. I think that things came apart a little bit today. Things were a little sloppier. Do not get me wrong - the work the teams produced was not sloppy. The behind the scenes machinations were. We're all getting tired.

4:14 pm - The last few days I've been able to get coffee on this floor late in the day. A few months ago they'd stopped doing new coffee service after 3 to save money and reduce waste, so after 3 you had to go to the cafeteria. I think with what's going on now that it's a nice touch that they've kept the service going later.

6:10 pm - Leaving because Lori has food ordered for me to pick-up in less than 20 minutes and the family won't eat until I bring the food to them.