Monday, January 25, 2010

But then again, too few to mention

10:00 am - I shouldn't be this cranky this early in the week, considering I...

12:10 pm - Guess I got interrupted earlier. Not so crabby now. Hungry. And it looks nice outside. I feel fine. Think I'll go for a walk.

12:15 pm - I would never throw my shoe at someone. Shoes aren't cheap and I would feel silly walking around with only one shoe.

1:10 pm - Good but not silly walk. And good run up the stairs at the end. Now I feel happy.

5:05 pm - My start of the day email count was 1,099, including stuff handled on Friday and over the weekend. (The count restarts each morning and always includes the previous days' "handled" because it's not yet trashed.) So I'm going home with only 166 still remaining that need action. I have 501 in my "handled" folder for today that will get trashed in the morning. The math is too weird -- don't point out how wrong it is -- just let me revel in the 84.90% reduction in actionable email. Woo.