Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Get Up and Nothing Gets Me Down

8:00 am - Even before I arrived I had an email from an irate coworker (not mad at me) who ended with "Excuse me whilst I throw a tantrum." Talk about a major juxtaposition there - can one who uses the word "whilst" actually throw a tantrum?

9:45 am - I just declined a meeting. While I had not officially said that I was going to say "Yes" to everything, I had been thinking about what it would be like after seeing that movie last weekend. Of course, Jim Carrey's character got asked a lot more interesting things than I'm likely to be asked.

9:50 am - Earlier today I thought I would just drink coffee all day today so that I could slow down time and move really fast, like in The Matrix. That was before I poured myself a cup of the office drip. I'm pretty sure today's contains no coffee, but instead gets its taste and flavor from strained and recycled sewage.

12:50 pm - Got a second cup of coffee before chapel. This one was made with coffee grounds and fresh water and tasted good. Now, however, I'm jumpy. If I weren't so lazy, I'd go dig trenches and put in a sprinkler system in the backyard. Except I'm still at work. Maybe I'm more like that character from Over the Hedge who drank coffee and then bounced all over. I just spent the last 45 minutes answering emails at my old desk on the second floor on my Blackberry while I ate. So now the Blackberry is dead and needs to be recharged so I'm going to go take a walk. Does my frenetic energy translate onto the page? Because my mind is moving way too fast. Time to go slow down with some music and my book and some walking.

1:45 pm - Good walk. Legs tired. Hard to climb the stairs to the office.

2:40 pm - Ugh. Just gave someone a phone number without the area code. How small town.

2:50 pm - A few weeks ago I talked about writing down words that mean something during an experience and then revisiting later to expand on them. I make these notes during the day in a text file. On some other date, I wrote down "mugs, spoons, pond scum" - no idea what that means now.

5:20 pm - I thought I was going to be out of here at 5. My family will be eating lunch in 10 minutes without me. Wrapping things up now. Had to say 'no' far more than I expected to today. I guess I need to teach people to ask different questions. Third cup of coffee was really good. Do they get better coffee on the third floor?