Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fly Me To the Moon

8:15 am - Interesting podcast on the way in. The takeaway was "Don't be a victim of victory" and acting on a dream will mean lots of work.

8:30 am - My boss is getting a new Blackberry. His Q and W keys don't work, but to be fair, it is really old. When he pulls up the clock application, it just tells him to set the phone on end in a sunny spot and measure the location of the shadow. The J key is starting to wear out on mine (quelle surprise) and the screen is a little scratched, but I guess it'll have to do for awhile. His is probably closer in age to the Blackberry I had 10 years ago than to the one I have now.

8:45 am - What was my trajectory 10 years ago? Very interesting question. Of course, my mind thinks "1990" ten years ago and refuses to accept that 10 years ago is a year that starts with 2 and not 1. But that's an interesting question that could be a post all its own sometime.

5:10 pm - Today was a good day. Some good meetings and only one action item. I'm wondering (if my handwriting were improved or I stopped using graph paper) if I could just scan my notes into Evernote.

5:30 pm - Ok, now there are two phones cool enough to be on my wish list. Of course, one of them would still mean carrying a separate iPod.