Monday, January 11, 2010

You'd Have to Wait Until You Could Hear it on the A.M. Radio

8:30 am - Have the urge to tweet "Well how was I to know you were called Dennis?" but not doing social media during work hours.

9 am - In the devo prayer today the pray-er thanked God for the day "despite the rain". I think she mean "including" or "especially"

9:24 am - Old chewy Lifesavers: not good like old chewy candy canes. They do not age well at all.

10:30 am - Just heard more about how my role will now include a budget component and all of the work that goes with it. Cannot get out of the mentality that Administration is a distraction from "work."

11 am - Well, now. _That_ was an interesting exchange. Lots for me to learn from as an innocent bystander. Pretty sure I didn't get anything on me.

2 pm - License plate frame "Here Today / Gone To Maui" - I get that they're trying to do a play on words for "Gone tomorrow," as it it were spoken by a two-year-old with an adorable lisp. But beyond that, it's just stupid. The only place that makes sense is if you're IN (on?) Maui. But if you're there, then you haven't gone there, you've come there in order to be there (here) today. Dumb, just dumb.

5 pm - is stupid. It's all about buying toys for grandchildren. You'd think it'd be supereasy to find recommendations on what kind of computer to buy, but nooooo.... Maybe that's where I should make my money - advising people my grandma's age on paying a reasonable price for a reasonable computer. There's very little out there that actually works for older people that isn't a complete rip-off. From my very scientific 20 minute survey of the internet.