Thursday, February 22, 2007

Worst. Rap. Ever.

Yeah, I think if you're dropping ref to "Whole Foods" and the shape of the Audi logo, your rap's kind of a lame sell-out. Is it supposed to be clever? It's, well, not.

I said, "what time you get off?"
She said, "when you get me off"
I kinda laughed but it turned into a cough
Because I swallowed down the wrong pipe
Whatever that mean, you know old people say it so it sounds right
So I'm standing there embarassed, if we were both in pairs
I would have grabbed her by the waist and kissed her, but
We in the middle of whole foods, and those foods
Ain't supposed to beef, but you'd think I hate tofu
Check-in line got rowdy, my vision got cloudy
I started seeing some circles like some audi
Emblem, I'm hearing them say, come on man
Do this own your own time, get the hell on, man
I walked out, hm, I got bout
Half-way to my car when I heard shorty shout
"3000, forgot your credit card, smart move
By the way, my little sister loves your cartoon"
Well, here's my name and numb
If I ain't the one, lose it, if I am, use it
If a man chooses, and he can, do's it
And he don't, don't take it personal, he might be might be swamped
With making mozarella - no, making laws bettter
Cheese will come, believe me, I'm, never focussed on the cash
Ask Mel Gibson, Jesus Christ, I'm bout the pass... ion

The bridge, though, is brilliant. (And by bridge I mean "chorus, second stanza.")

Ahh, ahh, ahh-ahhh, ahhhh...
She's fine too, but I want you...
Ahh, ahh, ahh-ahhh, ahhhh...
She's fine too, but I want you...

Does sample a song I like. But the minute he says "Whole Foods," I'm like, yeah, no you didn't. Awful. Thanks for that, LaunchCast.
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