Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Great Cingular Experiment, Day 1

On August 23, our contract with Verizon Wireless ends. We've had Verizon wireless for most of our marriage and with the exception of one trip to the East Coast where they messed up my billing. (Ultimately fixed.)

Sadly, since moving to the new state, we've come to find out that we live in a "known trouble area with no planned fix" and I work in a "known trouble area with no planned fix."

So, I have six months to figure out what to do next. I've opted to go with Cingular also known as AT&T. I've not heard the best things about their customer service, but their actual service is supposedly top notch in our area. And in our office building, they have a repeater for Cingular so it works flawlessly.

On, they're selling phones for a penny that cost $100 on Cingular's website, so I've opted to purchase the plan from lists 43 phones. Lori and I prefer flip phones, so the first order of business was to eliminate the non-flips. That's taken the list down to 22. That's where I'll stop for now.
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