Thursday, February 15, 2007

All Day Blog (almost)

9:12 am - I decided this morning on the drive in to do another all-day blog. And then came into work, created a file and then didn't start writing in it. I'm not feeling stressed, but there's so much work to be done. I've either found my zen or I'm so helplessly behind. Actually, I'm just incredibly tired, to the state of almost being comfortably numb, blissfully unaware. A fast-paced Irish instrumental song from Kathryn Tickell is playing now and blocking out all the surrounding noise. I'm in my own little world. Well, back to work.

10:28 am - Well, I'm definitely more awake now. Maybe the coffee helped. Although now I'm starving. Thankfully Lori sent a bunch of food with me a few weeks ago. Especially since I also forgot my lunch. So... diamonds made in a lab... fake or real? Apparently they use processes that mimic nature, but just do it much quicker. Not sure how that's different from designer roses or cultured pearls. Makes them less rare, but that means less expensive, right? I'm all for that. Also sounds like it might be better than the environment. Article I was reading says "Mining removes several hundred tons of earth to extract one carat worth of diamond." NEWS.COM)

1:40 pm - Difficult to post regularly when you're not at your desk. I just sat in on my second meeting about an issue. Sadly, at least 20 manhours have been wasted in meetings (and numerous others in discussions) about a problem. The solution is nine words long. I said it at the last meeting. This meeting they came close to deciding that was the solution (apparently not remembering that I offered it up last time) but then diverted away again. It may ultimately be the solution, but not before more meetings are held. In other news, it's such a slow news day that MSNBC has had a top feature all day about how the new Wal*Mart in town doesn't look like all the others. Complete with a then/now gallery. If they've also cleaned up the customers, I might have to go and check it out. What does that do to the other Wal*Mart two blocks away?

2:23 pm - Cool. I just signed paperwork for someone to get their New Zealand citizenship by filling out a form attesting that I've known them since the day they were born. While she and her mom were in here doing the paperwork, my boss brought someone over to talk to my cube-mate. So this tiny cube that really only should have one person had four people and a baby holding two distinct conversations. Annoying.

4:46 pm - Ok, so that was somewhat of a failure. Just way too busy today.
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