Tuesday, February 06, 2007

At Work

Gray, white, black and tan.
Random flecks arranged in rows.
Gray stands out from otherwise dark carpet.

Long day, all day training.
Informative with several entertaining speakers.
But after eight hours I'm ready to sleep.

Mauritania? Where's that.
It's a Muslim country.
I'm not familiar with it.

Tonight I have a men's Bible study.
Someone will bring unhealthy snacks.
I've already eaten quite poorly today
    and don't want to go.

Oh. Mauritania is near Senegal.

35 minutes to go, but some if it
    will probably be Q&A.
Am I evil for watching the clock?
At least I'm still awake
    and paying attention.

Powerpoint, powerpoint, powerpoint.
All with handouts. Some in color.
Slides so small you can't read.
What a waste of paper. And ink.

We saw a lighthouse this weekend.
It was kind of small.
And didn't look much like a lighthouse.

It's a good thing I can't check my e-mail.
Because I would.

Oh yeah, now I'm starting to struggle
    to stay awake.
My eyes are trying to close.
And I have to shake my head.
Must. Stay. Awake.
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