Saturday, February 03, 2007

FWD: Lord Have Mercy: KLOS streaming live on the net

After years of negotiating with the radio engineer unions, KLOS 95.5 FM can now be heard and enjoyed outside of Southern California. KLOS is everything that Jack isn't. It is a community station staffed with people who know about the music they play. The DJs (yes... they have actual DJs) are veterans of Rock FM.
For those who live in an area where morning show hosts Mark Thompson & Brian Phelps are not yet syndicated, check out their show 5am-10am (all times PST). M&B are at their best when they are spontaneous... their prepared bits are perhaps the least entertaining parts of the show, but still better than any other area morning duo. Also, from midnight Sunday until 5am Monday morning, M&B's sidekick Frank Sontag hosts a weekly talk show called Impact which is serious, insightful, and socially relevant. There is no one on the planet with a more comprehensive, encyclopedic knowledge of rock music than Joe Benson. Uncle Joe has written volumes on every aspect of the industry. With a deep, resonating voice that put James Earl Jones to shame, Joe actually knows about the music he's playing... a rare quality in a modern rock jock. The pinnacle... the top of the heap of rock radio is none other than the legendary Jim Ladd. He continues the spirit of the free-form FM revolution that began in the era of peace, love, & long legged ponies. Ladd has been behind the microphone longer than I've been alive and is better than any modern contemporary. You might have heard him as himself in the film "Say Anything" or on the Roger Waters album "Radio K.A.O.S." If you feel you've heard all there is to hear on the radio, I urge you to give Ladd's show a try. One taste and you will be hooked. There is no one on radio today more in-sync with his listening audience. Songs are themed and used to weave a nightly story... musical theater at its finest.

No, I don't get a dime for promoting KLOS, but support of this station will benefit me in-as-much as I am a longtime listener who dreads the day the format changes, the DJs fade away, and the tribal drum that keeps the beat of Southern California stops. Jim Ladd and the rest are the mavericks who refuse to let quality rock radio go the way of the dodo. And that is worth supporting. It is officially streaming live on their website ( ). So, when you get a chance, check out what remains of a little bit of radio heaven.
Kevin M.

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