Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Problem with My iPod

With my iPod approaching its first birthday, I figure I should post my gripes now instead of waiting a few days until it actually dies, because at that point, these issues will be moot.

I post these not just to whine, but in the hopes that (a) another iPod user will tell me that I'm dumb and then give me instructions on how to do what I want to do or (b) someone from Apple will visit my site (and I don't mean a lawyer protesting my use of the term iPod in this post) and realize that maybe what I want is a decent idea.

And, as it turns out, I'm a big podcast consumer. Besides redeeming gift cards I receive, I am a big consumer of podcasts. So my complaints largely surround podcasting shortcomings in the iPod and/or iTunes.

First off, Video Podcasts... I hate how if you click on a video podcast from the Podcasting menu, it just plays the audio while showing the cover art. This isn't intuitive. It should play the video. Why, oh why, do I need to go into the Video category and then into Video Podcasts. Is not a video podcast a podcast? (Is not a square a rectangle?)

Second, playlists and podcasts... I subscribe to several short podcasts (weather, news) and some longer podcasts. It would be supremely ideal if I could drag a subscription into a playlist. So that any new podcasts from that subscription automatically populate the playlist. The clickwheel is not the easiest thing to use when driving. It would be cool if I could build my own "news station" by having it play through a playlist made entirely of podcasts.

And again, podcasts... If I'm looking at a list of songs and I click on a song, if I want to move to the next song in that list, I press the forward arrow key. Why can't I jump from podcast to podcast within a subscription in a similar fashion?

It really feels like the podcast portion of the iPod user interface is not as intuitive as the rest of the iPod experience and that the fixes would not be that difficult. Can someone get tasked with the 30 minutes of coding and 8 hours of testing this would need so it could be pushed out to iTunes?

Please, please?

And again, if I'm just a moron and these things are all currently doable with an iPod, please let me know.
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