Friday, February 23, 2007

Go, Old People!

MSNBC.COM -- A group of seniors on vacation in Costa Rica are held-up while riding on a tour bus by three guys, one of them armed. A 70-year-old retired GI puts the armed guy in a headlock and others seniors fend off the other two assailants who ultimately flee. The guy in the headlock dies. The seniors are questioned and then released by the Costa Rican police who applaud the seniors for defending themselves and say that the assailant had a prior record of violent crime. They were returned to their cruise ship to complete the cruise. More...

While I suppose it sucks that a life was lost, doesn't this feel like justice was served? A bonehead tries to take advantage of people from another country, miscalculates and they fight back and the authorities investigating the situation make the right call. No lawsuits for the ultimate victim (as of yet), no automatic bias against the foriegners (Americans, no less!), no needlessly putting old people into jails in a foriegn country. No long, drawn-out legal proceeding. Low-life with a history of crime makes another poor choice and pays dearly for it. And if he was the only one in the group armed, it would suggest the others weren't as deep into the crime-thing as he was and hopefully this might just scare them straight. And as for the original victims, they're sent along their merry way, maybe asked never to return to Costa Rica, maybe not.
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