Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bad Christians

We ate at Coco's tonight. They seated us right next to the entrance to a banquet room. There was a group ending their night and they all congregated near the door while the server was working on their receipts. Then, they all stood outside the door, right by our table in the otherwise empty room, gabbing. It was incredibly frustrating... I couldn't even concentrate enough to decide what I wanted to eat. It was finally at the time that we were about to say something (we had already said something to our waitress during one of the times she came over and we sent her away) but we were about to say something to that group when they did finally disperse, but it had to be a good 15 minutes easy. Very disappointing when a group of Christians can be so oblivious, so rude, such bad witnesses by their inconsiderate behavior. A really poor testament.
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