Wednesday, July 13, 2005

BS Publicity

I am getting tired of non-news stories about people who have accidentally sold or purchased the latest Harry Potter book and whether or not they've read it or been ordered by a judge not to read it.

That's B.S. Everyone keeps talking about everyone "reading it together." Trust me, we won't even be buying the book until the start of the new week and within a few days I'll already be several hundred pages ahead of Ryan Seacrest. Trust me, the world don't all read at the same pace.

I think that if someone were to get ahold of a copy ahead of time, they're not likely to be the types who will "spoil" it for someone else. (No, leave it to Entertainment Weekly to spoil everything as usual.)

This is all a big to do about nothing and it's getting tiresome. I'd not read in protest if I weren't already invested, even if the last book was a bit boring.
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