Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Today: The Day that Was

By all regards, I guess I should appreciate the day. Nice weather, good drive in, excellent drive home, Panda for dinner. Express, not bear, that is. The first half of my day sucked and as usual, some of us fantasized about quitting, some more than others. A deadline looms for me to get a job application in elsewhere, and even more deadlines hang over my head if I remain. The second half of the day was much better, I got jazzing on a project and a new way of thinking brought about a easier solution and suddenly I'm into uncharted territory, hacking a program in such a way that I'm not sure's been done before. There's one guy who might have done it, somewhere in Florida, and he's agreed to check my work, so I'm waiting for his response before I dive in full force. Hopefully tomorrow will be more like the afternoon than the morning today. Did not get up and walked the dog. Stayed in bed and dreamed that my parents told me I had older brother but they had never told me about him because he was mentally challenged and they had shipped him off somewhere. Maybe it's because I was thinking of my uncle Jim the other day. This supposed brother would have been the same age as Jim was. Jim was a miracle, but it's sad sometimes to think that he's now gone. I think about that a lot these days... there's a lot of memorials happening at church and I know that there will be more people in the future that I know who will pass away. In many cases, I can take solace in the fact that I will see them again in heaven, but I'm still confused about some aspects of heaven, like when they say there will be no husbands and wife in heaven. How can this place be so awesome if Lori and I aren't around each other the way we are now? Anyhow, I don't mean this to be a downer, I've just been thinking about people and pets who will probably be buried before me. Not people in general (though specific pets, yes), but how I will miss people when I'm no longer able to just e-mail or call or see them whenever I feel like.

In other news, a serious question for anyone who wants to respond. If there's a fortune cookie, and one person opens it, but another person eats it, who gets the fortune? I say it belongs to the person who ate the cookie. Agree? Disagree? (If you agree with me, then my dog's fortune today was something about a visitor from afar will bring good news.
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