Saturday, July 09, 2005

PETA: Self-Righteous Whackjobs

In recent news, PETA employees were arrested for dumping the bodies of puppies in a dumpster behind a grocery store in North Carolina. Apparently, PETA routinely "adopts" animals from shelters only to kill 85% of them. The particular website I'm linking to (Peta Kills Animals .com) in this article is anti-PETA, so you might think that they're blowing it out of proportion or something. But I think it will be around longer than any of the news articles, so it makes the most sense as a long-term link in my blog.

Don't get me wrong... some causes are good. When Greenpeace rows little boats out and gets run over by oil tankers, I'll applaud them for their convictions. When they chain themselves to trees, ok. But when these activists start burning down houses, firebombing car dealerships, killing animals, they aren't activists. They're terrorists, plain and simple.

PETA seems to think that anything to do with animals is wrong. You can't eat them, you can't wear them, you should let them explode rather than extract the milk from them. As a blind person, it's wrong that you would demand a dog accompany you around town, giving you freedom. As a human being, you cannot enjoy the company of a domesticated pet who just as much enjoys your company. And now it comes out that PETA's killing animals themselves. It seems more like PETA is afraid of animals. Have the animals been infested by thetans or something? Any shred of respect I might have had for any part of PETA's overall misguided attempts is now gone.

Frankly, this isn't ethical, and it certainly isn't ethical treatment of animals.
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