Sunday, July 17, 2005

Extra crispy

Well, the Wienerschnitzel mystery is solved. No thanks to local media websites who seemed to have nothing on why it was closed. We figured health code violation, but what made it odd was that shortly after the closure, a WS truck (those party rental ones) had been parked right in front of the store for a few days selling burgers and corn dogs. But then it was gone. We wondered if they had tried to snub a health code violation by selling from the parking lot, but reasoned that that wouldn't have made sense, seeing how they'd probably need a permit. Since then, new signs had appeared, spray painted saying sorry they were closed with frowny faces. Today we went into the parking lot and saw the doors had been boarded over and the painting on those boards said remodelling. We were skepical, until we drove around back to see part of the roof gone and the side of the building blackened from a fire. Aha, that expained it.

Then we got home and looked some more on the internet and all we could find was that their health code scores were 95 and 90 in 2002 and 2003 then after that, all in the low 80's. I wonder if eliminating that manager sooner would have prevented the fire? Hopefully the snooty girl who wouldn't let us mix up a combo (two combos, one 10 cents more than the other... one has two corn dogs, the other two chili dogs... why can't I get a combo with one corn dog and one chili dog??? Every other person I ever ordered from always let me...) anyhow, hopefully she can't find another job and has to mope around mom and dad's house. Maybe she caused the fire. Oooh. I bet she did. I hate her.

I had some ice cream today, even though it's not ice cream week. But it was only a little bit. Overall, I'm still doing well. The month off the diet really hasn't changed things one way or the other, which is both pleasing and also a little annoying. Maybe I'm stuck at this weight no matter what I do.
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